7 Ways to Turn Cheating Into Success

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Vegetables for Breakfast?! We’re Not as Crazy as You Think!

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PTF + You = The Biggest Winner

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Insulin Injustice

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Measuring Your Success

Why is it when we start our journey toward a new, healthier lifestyle, we always start by stepping on that dusty, dreaded scale? Though the scale can be a useful tool to measure numeric success,… Continue reading

The Truth in Weight Loss, Part 4

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The Truth in Weight Loss, Part 3

Processed Foods – A country’s destruction In 1940, a group of islands in the South Pacific were considered some of the healthiest people in the world. Their obesity rates were non-existent, cancer and… Continue reading

5 Reasons Why Bacon is Healthy!

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The Truth in Weight Loss, Part 2

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The Truth about Weight Loss, Part 1

by Mike Starks, CEO, Personal Trainer Food Have you seen this commercial? “I lost 10lbs in 3 minutes on the new Ab Professor! You can too!” Professional marketers know how to play on… Continue reading

Feel Great Through Fall and Flu Season

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5 Quick Tips for a Successful Fast

Plan your fast in advance. Plan out when you’re going to start your fast and how long you plan to fast for. Try to pick a period of time that sounds reasonable to… Continue reading